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Ronald Shannon Jackson and the Decoding Society

Eye On You

Ronald Shannon Jackson  drums, flute
Billy Bang  violin
Byard Lancaster  alto and soprano sax
Charles Brackeen  tenor and soprano sax      
Vernon Reid  electric and acoustic guitar
Bern Nix  electric guitar
Melvin Gibbs  electric bass
Erasto Vasconcelos  percussion

Sortie (3:51)
Nightwhistlers (3:28)
Apache Love Cry (6:15)
Shaman (4:09)
Eastern Voices, Western Dreams (4:17)

* Dancers of Joy (2:59)
Arising (4:25)
Orange Birthday (2:36)
Theme for a Prince (3:22)
Eye on You (5:50)
Ballet de Omphalos (4:34)

* Click on link for a 30 second audio sample (mp3)


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